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The Happy Orange Tabby

I know there are lots of tabby cat lovers out there just like me.  With that being the case it seemed like the time was right to paint another tabby.  This guy is very happy, with his tail waving in the air.  It is acrylic on canvas and measures 8 x 10 inches.  The painting is sold.


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Winter Has Arrived

Okay, so I haven’t felt like blogging lately and if you follow this blog at all you will know that is pretty typical of me.  The past two months have been difficult with Ferdinand being ill and then passing away.  The arrival of fall/winter isn’t helping either.  The last few days have seen it get really cold here and the snow has arrived.  I did however take a cute photo of my very sweet dog Avery which is sure to help cheer up anyone.  Even with his big Collie fur coat Avery doesn’t seem too keen on  the early arrival of winter.  If he could have spoken he would have told me to stop the photo taking and let him in!!

I Want In

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