I’ve been very quiet on my blog and facebook page lately but it isn’t for a lack of creative happenings.  I am going to be participating in Etsy’s Made in Canada event which is happening on September 27 at various locations throughout Canada.  I will have a booth at the Chatham, Ontario location.  Consequently, I have been very busy producing lots of new art for the event.  It looks like it will be a really fun and exciting day!  You can find out more about the event by visiting:  https://www.etsy.com/ca/madeincanada




I recently finished painting these three paintings of cats with attitude.  I’m sure that most cat owners can relate to the idea that our cats will sometimes (or often depending on your cat) give us attitude.  Some of the common reasons why our cats give us attitude include not getting up early enough to feed them, not doling out enough treats, leaving for the day and arriving home way after dinner time (like an hour), accidentally blocking their favourite napping place with some type of item, not allowing them to hang out on the kitchen counters, etc.  As an owner it can be difficult to keep up with our felines’ demanding preferences.  At this point I’m not sure that there is any sort of cure for this affliction except to seek out fellow cat owners for sharing and sympathy.  I decided I would immerse myself in creating some paintings of cats with attitude to comfort myself that there are others out there who too suffer with the occasional bout of cattitude.

Each of the paintings have been completed with acrylic on masonite ( pressed wood panel) and measure 3.5 x 3.5 inches.  They are available for purchase in my etsy shop.


william - large1


bob - large1


milton - large1


a trio of cats side1

Many years ago I bought a bunch of supplies for linoleum printing which I never got around to using.  Recently I was browsing through a mixed media art book which had a project using lino to make some basic block prints.  It looked pretty neat and I have always loved the look of lino prints so I decided to give it a go.  I figured that for my first attempts I should stick to a very basic design so that I would not get too frustrated (major problem for me!) and give up.  So I sketched out a cute bird design, transferred it and began carving away.  For whatever reason all those years ago I decided to purchase the Speedball linozips cutter which is their “safety” cutter.  Unlike Speedball’s regular cutter which you use by cutting away from yourself the Linozips are different blades and you actually cut towards yourself.  The blades are sort of curved inwards which I guess is meant to make them safer.  I found this cutter difficult to work with and it showed.  My carving looked pretty bad and I had a terrible time getting detail.  Fortunately I was already hooked on working on my little project so I was determined to continue….after I bought the regular Speedball linocutter.

When I bought the new cutter I also indulged and got some more types of lino to carve.  Now that I had the regular cutters I found that I was able to carve much better than previously so I redid my bird design and tried to salvage my other ones (somewhat successfully).  Overall I really enjoyed myself and it is a lot of fun to see my design take shape and then to see the final print was pretty exciting.  I found it to be addictive and can see myself doing more lino prints and stamps.  Here are a couple of photos of my activities:





Black Dog

I paint a lot of cats.  Yes, I really do.  I love cats and I find it is great fun to try to imagine what they are thinking and then capture that expression in a painting.  Sometimes though you have to paint something else.  So, what is another favourite animal of mine – dogs of course!  I have two cats and one dog and I think my dear canine friend probably feels I am neglecting her species.  A few days ago I rectified that by painting this piece.  It is called A Journey Through the Night.  It is acrylic on watercolour paper and measures 5 x 5 inches.


travelling on through the night - cropped

Peachy Cat

I just completed a new mini cat portrait – Peachy Cat.  It is acrylic on watercolour paper, 2.5 x 3.5 inches (ACEO).


peachy cat - large1

Facebook Page

I’ve recently created a Facebook page for my art.  I will be using it to post mini updates on what I’m working on.  I’m terrible at keeping this blog updated so I think the less involved format of Facebook will be good for me and may even motivate me to write some more entries here.

Here is the link to my page:  https://www.facebook.com/spiralforeststudio

Art Prints

A selection of prints from some of my most popular paintings are now being offered in my Etsy store.  I will gradually be adding more to the store over the next while so check back to see what else is available.  Here are a few of the options.


He's Got Style



Winter Hedgehog



I Love My Sock Monkey