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All Wound Up

Acrylic on Canvas – 8 x 10 inches

This is my latest tuxedo cat painting.  Cats and yarn are always a funny combination.  It’s amazing how cats can always manage to get into trouble with the most innocuous objects.  This painting has been sold.


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Something that is so wonderful about kitties is that they all seem to have different personalities and expressions.  My beloved Ferdinand would often have what appeared to be a very grumpy look about him and yet I just knew he was actually very content.  The constant loud purring was a dead giveaway.  I still miss him so much.  In the spirit of Ferdinand I created The Birthday Boy.  While he appears a bit grumpy this cool orange tabby is secretly pleased to be the center of attention, even if it means wearing a silly hat.  This guy was painted with acrylic on watercolour paper and is 4×6 inches.  He has been sold.

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