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This orange tabby cat painting was inspired by an incident with my cat Ferdinand.  Ferdinand happened to be staying with my boyfriend’s parents for a bit while we were on vacation.  His parents had a budgie which lived in a cage in their kitchen.  At some point a loud crash was heard which turned out to be the cage being disturbed.  By the time someone was able to get to the kitchen the budgie was missing.  Shortly thereafter the budgie and Ferdinand were both discovered on the stairs to the basement.  Unfortunately the budgie was dead – however, it was completely untouched.  We have theorized that Ferdinand was interested in the budgie, went on the kitchen table near the cage and pawed at it causing it to topple over.  Then, the budgie flew out of the cage and away, with Ferdinand following it.  Finally, the budgie had a heart attack from fright and ended up dying.  We really don’t know if this is what transpired that day but the moral of the story is you really can’t be too careful with cats and birds!

The painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 8 x 10 inches.  It has been sold.

Update:  Prints of this painting are now being offered in my Etsy shop!


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Something that is so wonderful about kitties is that they all seem to have different personalities and expressions.  My beloved Ferdinand would often have what appeared to be a very grumpy look about him and yet I just knew he was actually very content.  The constant loud purring was a dead giveaway.  I still miss him so much.  In the spirit of Ferdinand I created The Birthday Boy.  While he appears a bit grumpy this cool orange tabby is secretly pleased to be the center of attention, even if it means wearing a silly hat.  This guy was painted with acrylic on watercolour paper and is 4×6 inches.  He has been sold.

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